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I Want To Sue The Manufacturer For Selling Me A Lemon.

First, have you considered your options? Many people prefer arbitration because it is relatively quick and inexpensive. Plus, if you try arbitration and loose, you may still sue. Consider, as well, that a lawsuit may be expensive and time-consuming. You will probably need to discuss the lawsuit with a reputable attorney.

You may decide to sue

  • on a warranty claim, and/ or
  • if your car meets the criteria for a lemon.

Some manufacturers can be sued only after you have attempted arbitration:

All other manufacturers may be sued directly, without going through arbitration. If you win the lawsuit, you will receive the full purchase price (including all sales tax, license fees, etc) less a resonable allowance for the use you got out of the vehicle. If you win, the manufacturer will have to pay your attorney.

Other than the manufacturers listed above, no other manufacturers will pay the taxes and related fees during arbitration.

You are entitled to the taxes and fees under the Nebraska Lemon Law. If you accept a buy-back that does not include taxes and fees, the Nebraska Department of Revenue will not refund taxes or fees. You will simply loose that money. The following manufacturers may offer arbitration, but have not agreed to pay the taxes and fees. Therefore, you may used arbitration or simply go directly to court.

BMW Jaguar Mercedes-Benz Rolls-Royce
Saab SMC Subaru Suzuki
Volvo Winnebago