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Lemon Law

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The Lemon Law is intended to resolve complaints involving chronic car problems. It allows the owner a refund or replacement when a new vehicle has a substantial problem that is not fixed within a reasonable time. Be forwarned that Nebraska’s criteria for a ‘lemon’ is very strict; but remember that there may be other options such as warranty claims, even if your car does not fit the criteria for the lemon law.

The Nebraska Lemon Law provides a choice between:

  • informal arbitration, which does not require an attorney, or
  • formally sueing the car manufacturer in court.

To begin, decide which sentence describes your car:

Used Car that is sold As Is

A car that is sold "as is" is one which is sold with no warranty. The dealer and/or seller has absolutely no obligation to make any repairs, regardless of the vehicle's condition.

The law will not help you, even if a major breakdown occurs during the trip home from the dealership. Once you have signed and paid for a vehicle, it is yours – you do not have three days to reconsider the contract.

"Extended Warranty”

Service contracts, extended warranties, and mechanical breakdown insurance are basically different names for the same thing. You pay an additional amount to the seller or a third party for insurance against product defects beyond those that are covered by the express and implied warranties.

Service contracts and extended warranties are not warranties and they do not extend the period of your Lemon Law rights.

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What if I bought my vehicle from a dealer in another state?

Call authorities in that state to see if you are covered by a lemon law in that state. The state's Attorney General's office should be able to provide the information.
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