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Administrative License Revocation (A.L.R.) As part of its duty to regulate driversí licenses, the DMV administratively revokes the license of a driver who has been arrested for drunk driving.

  • A.L.R. Hearing Procedures
  • A.L.R. Petition Form
  • Lemon Law. A "lemon" is a new motor vehicle with a defect which substantially impairs the use or market value and cannot be repaired after reasonable attempts.

    Pardons for Lifetime and 15 Year License Revocations. The Legal Division makes recommendations to the Pardonís Board regarding the pardoning of Lifetime and 15 Year License Revocations.

    Noelie Ackermann Sherdon, Legal Counsel

    The Legal Division is responsible for handling legal matters at the administrative level for the Department of Motor Vehicles. It provides hearing officers and attorneys for all administrative hearings for the Department, including Commercial Driver License (CDL) disqualification, Third Party Tester, Commercial Driver Instructor, Self-Insurer and Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearings.

    Unicameral Legislative Updates The Legal Division is responsible for tracking and analyzing bills during the legislative session. It drafts rules and regulations and assists in drafting contracts and legal documents for management staff.

    To contact the legal division about any the above matters,call (402) 471-9593, or write us at PO Box 94699, Lincoln NE 68509. You may email the legal division. We do not accept any legal documents by email.