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Avoid Peak Times

Avoid peak busy times at the Driver Licensing offices: 1) after 3:00 p.m. each work day, 2) when schools are not in session, and 3) the day before and after a holiday.

Replacement Licenses (Including Name and/or Address Changes)

Licenses, Permits and State ID Cards

Residents who have changed their name and/or address must obtain a replacement License, Permit or State ID Card from any driverís licensing office in Nebraska within 60 days of the change. Address Change only may be be eligible to do so online. Online Renewal

Replacements may also be obtained if a License, Permit or State ID Card has been damaged. If you have lost the document you wish to replace, please refer to Replacement Licenses.

If unsure of the location of the closest driver licensing office, refer to Motor Vehicle Offices.

For a Commercial License or Permit the application for the replacement must be submitted to a Driverís License Examiner. (Note: You must appear in person to apply for a replacement Commercial License or Permit.) For information regarding Examiner locations and schedules for each county, refer to Driver Licensing Services.

To apply for a replacement License, Permit or State ID Card, a resident must submit the following:

  • Name Change:
    • The License, Permit or State ID Card to be replaced.
    • A properly completed data form. Operators License-ID data form
    • Satisfactory evidence of the name change. Evidence can be certified documents such as a marriage license, divorce decree or a court order. The documentation that you present must enable the driver licensing staff to tie the two names together. Note: In order to change any other name, besides the last name, when using a marriage license, the full legal name prior to marriage and the full legal name after marriage must be on the marriage license.
    • Two forms of proof of address (If address has not previously been verified, or if you have moved). Acceptable proof of address may be found at: Identification/Address/SS Verification Requirements.
    • The appropriate License Fees.
  • Address Change:
  • Damaged:
  • Upon completion of processing and payment of the fee, the County Treasurer will issue you a 30-day receipt, with driving privileges if appropriate. Your driver license, permit or State ID Card will be mailed to you within 14 business days. If you don't receive your license, permit or ID card within 20 days, contact Driver Licensing Services at 402.471.3861.

    Be sure to contact the County Treasurer for information regarding acceptable methods of payment. For County Treasurer contact information and locations refer to Motor Vehicle Offices.

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    Questions regarding Replacement Licenses, may be addressed to Email or by contacting this office at (402) 471-3861.