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Avoid Peak Times

Avoid peak busy times at the Driver Licensing offices: 1) after 3:00 p.m. each work day, 2) when schools are not in session, and 3) the day before and after a holiday.

Renewal Period

Take advantage of your driver's license renewal period.

Renewal Notice Card

If you received a Renewal Notice from the DMV, please update it and present it to Driver Licensing Staff when renewing. It will save you time!

Think You’re Ready to Test?

Take the time to carefully review the Nebraska Drivers Manual. Over 60% of first-time applicants fail the written test.

2014 Nebraska Driver's Manual – Audio Version

To follow along in the text as you listen, please click here.

2014 Nebraska Driver's Manual

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Nebraska Driver's Manual

Section 1 Nebraska License to Drive

Section 2 Important Driver Information

Section 3 Signs, Signals and Markings

Section 4 Rules of the Road

Section 5 Special Driving Conditions

Section 6 Sharing the Road With Others

Section 7 If You're Involved in a Crash

Additional Information

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The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles would like to thank the Nebraska Library Commission, Mike White, and Bill Ainsley for this audio recording of the 2014 Driver's License Manual.