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Avoid Peak Times

Avoid peak busy times at the Driver Licensing offices: 1) after 3:00 p.m. each work day, 2) when schools are not in session, and 3) the day before and after a holiday.

Renewal Period

Take advantage of your driver's license renewal period.

Renewal Notice Card

If you received a Renewal Notice from the DMV, please update it and present it to Driver Licensing Staff when renewing. It will save you time!

Think Youíre Ready to Test?

Take the time to carefully review the Nebraska Drivers Manual. Over 60% of first-time applicants fail the written test.


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Driver Licensing Office Closings

The goal of the Driver Licensing Services division is to ensure that persons who meet Nebraska licensing standards and requirements are issued an operatorís license and those meeting Identification requirements are issued a state Identification card. It is also our goal to provide service to the public in a way that is fair, consistent and helpful.

The following documents are issued by the Department:
For more information regarding specific identification requirements or testing requirements for each document, refer to the Nebraska Driver's Manual

Driver Licensing Offices - Testing is done at ninety-seven (97) Driver Licensing Offices. To find a driver licensing office close to you click on: Driver Licensing Offices.

Fees - Driver License/Identification Card fees are collected by the County Treasurer's office.

Identification, Address and Social Security Number Verification Requirements - : Nebraska statute requires ONE form of identification which includes name and date of birth for driver's licenses, permits and Nebraska ID cards. Also required, will be TWO forms of address verification.

Download the new Identification, Address and Social Security Number verification list here: Identification/Address/SS Verification requirements.

For information on obtaining a state certified birth, marriage and/or divorce certificate from any state click on the following website:

Address Verification - All new or renewal driver licenses, permits, or State ID Cards, will be required to present two forms of principal address. Refer to Identification/Address/SS Verification requirements. for acceptable address verification documents.

Teen Driver Information - If you are eligible for a School Permit (SCP) or a Provisional Operatorís Permit (POP), click on the Overview of Graduated licensing in Nebraska brochure. This online brochure will give you all the information you need to obtain a school and/or POP permit and what the rules are for these permit holders.

The Parent's Supervised Driving Program, is designed to improve teen driver safety by providing parents and guardians with a methodical approach to teaching the requisite driving skills. Each lesson concentrates on a particular sequential skill. Parents are in the best position to help their teens to become safe, smart and skilled drivers.

Teen Driver Report

DMV Approved Driver Safety Schools (POP and SCP) - The DMV approves and audits schools that provide testing and/or training outside of the driver licensing offices. These Driver Safety Schools teach and test students for the Provisional Operatorís Permit (POP) and School Permit (SCP).

Driver Training Schools - Driver Training Schools are certified by the DMV to teach individuals rules of the road and driving skills.

Motorcycle Skills Testing - MOST (motorcycle operator skills test) testing is offered at certain locations and testing is done on a standardized course by appointment only. To see these locations click on this link: Motorcycle Testing Appointment Information. NOTE: Phone numbers for the permanent locations are located on our Driver Licensing Offices schedule.

MIT - (motorcycle in traffic) testing will be done by appointment only in certain locations. To see these locations click on this link: Motorcycle Testing Appointment Information. NOTE: These examiners travel from county to county, you can either contact them at a Driver Licensing Office, or contact the Lincoln office at 402-471-3861 for assistance. (Appointments are not required at other locations)

Nebraska Motorcycle Safety Education Sponsors - the attached listing are approved groups that teach beginner rider courses in Nebraska. The motorcycle written and drive test may be waived if applicant can show successful completion of a Nebraska approved motorcycle safety education program within the past 24 months.

Drivers Manuals - The Driver Licensing Services division provides drivers manuals in English and Spanish. Spanish manuals are available at the local driver licensing offices. English manuals are also available at all driver licensing offices, or click on the appropriate link below:

(*A current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the Nebraska Driverís manual (car). Acrobat Reader is a free plug-in that enables you to view certain documents. A current version of Acrobat Reader is recommended. Click on the following link to download and install Acrobat Reader from Adobe. It is recommended that any previous version of Acrobat Reader be uninstalled prior to installing the current version. )
NOTE: You may need to set your printer setting to "Booklet" if you wish to print off the entire manual, as printing page by page, may lose the page numbers and headings.

Practice Tests for Operatorís licenses - The DMV offers an Interactive DMV Written Exam and a downloadable AAA Sample Test as a study guide to not only prepare you for the written test, but as an excellent resource to continually keep up with the Nebraska Rules of the Road.

You can also take the Nebraska Driver License Practice Test with you on your iPad. To get this App for your iPad, click this link: Nebraska Driver License Practice Test for iPad.

New Residents obtaining Nebraska driver's license or identification card Ė Proof of identification and address verification is required for all residents obtaining initial Nebraska document. New residents 18 or older surrendering a valid out of state license: vision test required, drive test administered at discretion of driver licensing staff. (NOTE: New Residents turning 21: if you obtain your Nebraska license prior to your 21st birthday, the Nebraska document will expire on your 21st birthday. You can then renew this document 10 days prior to your 21st birthday.) If unable to surrender the out of state license, or if the license is expired (over one year), the written and drive tests will be required. If presented expired driver's license is less than one year expired, drive test may be waived. Effective 7-1-2014, to use an out of state permit, operator's license, commercial driver's license or state identification card for proof of identifiction, the out of state document must be in compliance with the standards of the Real ID Act. (Must have the Real ID indicator on document, not expired, mutilated or altered). Non Real ID compliant documents may be used to waive tests, but not acceptable for proof of identification.

New residents under age 18 Ė must meet all Provisional Operatorís Permit (POP) requirements and obtain a POP..

Driver License Renewal Procedures For regular license renewals, you would follow Instate Renewal Procedures . If you are out of state during your license renewal period, you can renew by mail by following the Out of State Renewal procedures. If you are active duty military follow the Military Renewal procedures. If you will be out of the state during your regular renewal period you may be able to go to a driver licensing office and do an Early Renewal.

Replacement Licenses/ID Cards - If your license or ID card has been lost,stolen, mutilated, or you need a name or address change, you may apply for a replacement whether you are in-state or out-of-state. All applicants for replacement licenses will be required to meet vision and medical requirements.

Name or Address Change- If your name or address changes, you must apply for a replacement license or ID card within 60 days of such change.

Driver Record- A record of driving related activity is available for your use. If you are applying for a driver's license in another state they may need verification of your Nebraska driving privileges in the form of a clearance letter.

Driver's License Format - All documents are issued digitally. A special format is used for minors.

Lawful Status - All individuals applying for any type of driver's license, permit or identification card must attest to the following statement(s): I am a citizen of the United States or I am not a citizen of the United States, but do have lawful status and agree to provide valid documentary evidence of such as outlined in 60-484.04. Please be aware that if you prove lawful status, all USCIS documents are verified prior to the issuance of a license or state ID card. This verification process can take up to twenty (20) federal work days to complete so be sure to take full advantage of your 90 day renewal period.

Veteran's Designation - Effective 7-1-2014, you may qualify to have a Veteran's designation displayed on your Nebraska license or ID card. To be eligible, you must FIRST register with the Nebraska Department of Veteran's Affairs Registry at or by contacting the VA at 402-471-2450. Questions related to this registry should be directed to: Nebraska Department of Veteran's Affairs, 301 Centennial Mall South, Lincoln, NE 68509. If the "Veteran" designation is added at renewal time, there is no extra fee to do so, individuals may also apply for a replacement document outside of their renewal period to add the designation. A replacement document fee will be charged. Veterans who are eligible and who want to add the "Veteran" designation to their driver licenses or State ID cards are encouraged to do so at They may also do so at any driver licensing office.


CDL Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Video- This video is designed to give drivers taking the CDL Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Skills Test an example of how to perform a vehicle inspection. It should help demonstrate the amount of information and the flow of how to properly inspect vehicle components and assist with the flow and pattern to complete the test in an effective and efficient manner. This video was designed specifically for drivers to watch PRIOR to taking their Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Skills Test and is intended to augment Section 11 of the Nebraska Commercial Driver License Manual as study materials to prepare for the test. Please click on the link to view the video: Pretrip Video.

Practice Tests for Commercial Driver's licenses - The DMV offers an Interactive written exam for the General Knowledge commercial drivers test, as a study guide to prepare you for the General Knowledge written test.

All CDL skills tests taken with DMV examiner's will be by appointment only. To schedule an appointment with a DMV examiner, you must now contact the DMV Main Office in Lincoln. Click here for more information: CDL Appointment Information.

COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSING MEDICAL CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS. Individuals holding a Nebraska Commercial Driverís License (CDL) are required to certify to the DMV what type of operation they engage in. In addition, if they operate in Category A: Interstate Ė Non-Excepted , drivers are required to provide the DMV with a current copy of their medical examinerís certificate (card Ė not long form) and keep current with the DMV. After May 21, 2014, all Category A: Interstate Ė Non-Excepted drivers must have their medical examination performed by a certified medical examiner listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners. To find a certified medical examiner, go to the National Registry website at
Important information regarding your Nebraska CDL:
1. Keep your address current with the Department of Motor Vehicles to ensure you receive all mailings.
2. If you have kept your address current with the DMV, you will receive a renewal notice. Please complete it and bring it with you to the driver licensing office prior to the expiration of your document.
3. If you did not receive a renewal notice, complete the CDL DATA FORM CDL Data Form 4. Determine the self-certification category (A-D) that applies to you using the CDL Self Certification Chart.
5. If you certify as Category A: Interstate Ė Non-Excepted, you must provide a current copy of your medical examinerís certificate (card Ė not long form) to driver licensing staff at the time of renewal.
If you certify as Category A: Interstate Ė Non-Excepted, it will be your responsibility to keep you medical examinerís certificate current with the DMV at all times. Please be aware that the DMV will not be sending you reminders to keep this information current with us. You should send subsequent medical examinerís certificates (cards Ė not long forms) to the DMV at the address below prior to the expiration of your current medical examinerís certificate. If you fail to do so, your Commercial Driverís License will be cancelled. The self-certification information you supply will be immediately posted, upon entry by DMV staff, on the Commercial Driverís License System (CDLIS). CDLIS is accessed by other State DMVís and law enforcement officials.
Mail to: Department of Motor Vehicles, Driver Licensing Services, P.O. Box 94726, Lincoln, NE 68509

The U. S. Department of Transportationís Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued regulations, which implement provisions of the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act of 1999 (MCSIA). These regulations significantly strengthen the licensing and sanctioning requirements of the commercial driverís license (CDL) program for truck and bus drivers required to hold a CDL. This brochure is intended to inform commercial drivers of the changes that go into effect on September 30, 2005. Click here to find out important information regarding the MCSIA Requirements for CDL Drivers.

Prior to the issuance of a Nebraska Commercial Driverís License with the hazardous materials endorsement, individuals will be required as per the U.S. PATRIOT ACT to have a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security threat assessment completed. Click here for important information regarding the US Patriot Act Hazmat Requirements.

CDL Third Party Testers - Third Party Testers are certified by the DMV to conduct skills testing for commercial driverís licenses.

License Cancellations

The Driver Licensing Services division has the capacity to cancel licenses. Some of the procedures that may result in cancellation are: Recalls for individuals to be retested for their license, Medical and Vision requirements, Social Security Number verification and individuals suspended or revoked in another state (Problem Driver Pointer System-PDPS).

Social Security Verification -

The Department of Motor Vehicles requires new and renewal driver license and State ID Card applicants to provide a valid social security number or a valid US Citizenship and Immigration Services I-94 document (in a valid foreign passport). If the applicant is unable to do so the driver license or State ID Card is denied.

The Department of Motor Vehicles utilizes an Interactive Driver's License System. One component of this system verifies the applicants' social security numbers through the Social Security Administration. This has proved to be an effective tool in fraudulent document/identity verification for the Department.

All Social Security numbers will be verified thru the Social Security Administration prior to the issuance of a Nebraska permit, license or State Identification Card. Always bring proof of your Social Security number with you to the Driver Licensing office. Acceptable proof of Social Security number is:

Refer to Identification/Address/SS Verification requirements. for acceptable Social Security Verification documents.

Additional Services Ė The DMV offers services for the Hearing Impaired, Organ and Tissue Donation, Motor Voter, and Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

Rules & Regulations

Downloadable Forms Ė DMV Driver Licensing Services Forms available (in PDF) format.

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