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Did you Know?

That there are 2,339,986 vehicles registered in Nebraska.


Samples of current Nebraska license plates are available. A Sample plate displays the design of the plate that is currently issued in Nebraska and has the word “SAMPLE” inscribed on it.

The fee is $5.00 per plate for requests from anywhere in the United States and $10.00 per plate if the plate is to be mailed outside of the United States. All fees must be in United States currency. We are unable to offer credit card payment options at this time.

To purchase a Sample plate please submit a written request along with the appropriate fee to:

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
Driver and Vehicle Records Division
PO Box 94789
Lincoln, NE 68509-4789

Questions regarding Sample Plates may be addressed to or by contacting this office at (402) 471-3918.


This page last revised 1/1/2006