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That there are 2,339,986 vehicles registered in Nebraska.

Camper Unit Permits

Camper Unit Permits are issued for any structure that is designed and intended to be placed on a truck to provide living quarters and can be removed from the truck without dismantling or damage when ordinary care is exercised.

Self-propelled mobile homes and mobile homes do not fall in this category.

Camper Unit Permits are required for all camper units located in Nebraska for thirty (30) consecutive days or more. The Permit cannot be transferred. If unit is sold, new owner must obtain a new permit.

Once the application is processed, the County Official will issue a registration and a decal. The decal must be attached to the camper unit so that it is clearly visible

The fee for a Camper Unit Permit is $2.00. Please contact the designated County Official for information regarding acceptable methods of payment. Refer to County Officials Listing for contact information.

The permits are issued for a calendar year and expire on January 1.

When renewing a Camper Unit Permit, the expired permit must be surrendered to the County Official.


Questions regarding Camper Unit Permits may be addressed to E-Mail or by contacting this office at (402) 471-3918.


This page last revised 9/14/2009.