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That there are 2,339,986 vehicles registered in Nebraska.


A member of a Recognized Car Club may apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles to become a Qualified Car Club Representative. A Qualified Car Club Representative inspects assembled motor vehicles to determine if they qualify as an Assembled Classic Motor Vehicle.

To become a Qualified Car Club Representative an Application to Become a Qualified Car Club Representative * must be filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles. The application must include the name of the Recognized Car Club that the applicant is a member of along with the signature of the President/Director of the club. The President/Director must also indicate on the application the types, era, makes and models of the vehicles that the Recognized Car Club specializes in.

For information on the responsibilities of a Qualified Car Club Representative and requirements for inspection, please refer to Information for Qualified Car Club Representatives .

For information on Recognized Car Club, please refer to Recognized Car Clubs .

For information on Assembled Classic Motor Vehicles, please refer to Assembled Classic Motor Vehicle .

For a list of Recognized Car Clubs, please refer to Recognized Car Club Listing .

For a list of Qualified Car Club Representatives, please refer to Qualified Car Club Representative Listing .

(* Adobe Acrobat PDF document.)

Questions regarding Qualified Car Club Representatives may be addressed to Email or by contacting this office at (402) 471-3918.


This page last revised 1/11/2011