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That there are 2,339,986 vehicles registered in Nebraska.


If the owner does not have a Certificate of Title for a motor vehicle which was manufactured prior to 1940 and which has not had any major component part replaced and a Nebraska Certificate of Title has not been issued during the preceding thirty-year period, proper evidence of ownership is all of the following:

The transferor may sell the motor vehicle using the bill of sale and the transferee may apply for the Certificate of Title.

If a major component part has been replaced, please refer to Assembled Motor Vehicles and Assembled Classic Motor Vehicles.

If the purchaser was not provided with the appropriate documents to provide evidence of ownership, he/she may be eligible for a Bonded Certificate of Title.

If the vehicle is coming into Nebraska from another state, the owner must have a valid Certificate of Title or registration from that state.

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Questions regarding Certificates of Title for Antique Motor Vehicles may be addressed to Email or by contacting this office at (402) 471-3918.


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