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Abandoned Motorboat


Once it has been established by a law enforcement agency that an motorboat has been abandoned, and after specific guidelines for owner notification have been met, a Certificate of Title is issued with the brand “Abandoned” noted in the Previous Title Number position. The local county official issues abandoned titles to the law enforcement agency under whose jurisdiction the motorboat was abandoned.

A motorboat may be considered abandoned by law enforcement if left unattended:

  • more than SEVEN days on private property;
  • more than SEVEN days on private property if left initially without permission of the owner or after permission of the owner is terminated;
  • more than thirty days in the custody of a law enforcement agency after the agency has sent a letter to the last-registered owner.
  • After the abandoned title has been issued, the law enforcement agency is charged with final disposition of the motorboat.

Public property is defined as any public right-of-way, street, highway, alley, park or other state, county or municipally owned property. All other property is defined as private.

If a motorboat has been left after storage or repair work has been completed, refer to Storage-Repair Lien procedures.

If you would like information regarding a motor vehicle that has been abandoned, refer to Abandoned – Motor Vehicles.

If you would like information regarding an ATV or Minibike that has been abandoned, refer to Abandoned – ATV's and Minibikes.

Questions regarding Abandoned Motorboats may be addressed to E-Mail or by contacting this office at (402) 471-3918.


This page last revised 9/14/2009.