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Did you Know?

That there are 2,339,986 vehicles registered in Nebraska.

Artisan's Lien

An Artisanís Lien is available to persons who have an outstanding financial claim for work performed on, or material furnished for, a vehicle that is no longer in their possession.

If you currently have possession of the vehicle, refer to Storage-Repair Lien.

The applicant must file the lien within sixty (60) days after performing the work or furnishing the material. Artisanís Liens are not noted on the Certificate of Title.

This lien is filed with the Nebraska Secretary of Stateís office. When filing the lien, please submit the following information:

  • your name, address, Social Security Number or Federal Tax Identification Number;
  • the name, address, Social Security Number or Federal Tax Identification Number of the person for whom the work was performed;
  • a detailed description of the work performed or material furnished;
  • the total amount due for the work performed or material furnished.

The lien is in force from the date it is filed and enforcement proceedings must be instituted within one year after the lien has been filed.

For further information regarding an Artisanís Lien, please refer to Secretary of State Ė Uniform Commercial Code Division, or you may contact them by telephone or mail at:

Nebraska Secretary of State
Uniform Commercial Code Division
State Capitol, Room 1301
PO Box 95104
Lincoln, NE 68509-5104
(402) 471-4080

Questions regarding Artisanís Liens should be addressed to the Nebraska Secretary of State, Uniform Commercial Code Division.