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Complete list of all downloadable applications and forms from the Vehicle Services

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Title Name
2009 Driver's License Brochure 
2011 Husker License Plate 
Abandoned - Certificate of Title - LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY 
Affidavit for Affirmation of Ownership of a Manufactured or Mobile Home 
Affidavit for Affirmation of Ownership of a Salvaged Vehicle Obtained in Settlement of a Total Loss 
Affidavit for Assembled ATV, Minibike, UTV or Minitruck 
Affidavit for Self-Assembled Trailer 
Affidavit for Transfer of Decedent's Vehicle/Motorboat 
Affidavit for Verification of Ownership of an ATV, Minibike, UTV or Minitruck 
Affidavit for a Mobile Home with a Nebraska Certificate of Title 
Affidavit of Detachment 
Amateur Radio License Plate 
Application for Credit 
Application for Refund 
Assigned ID Number 
Assigned ID Number Placement Instructions - HIN 
Assigned ID Number Placement Instructions - VIN 
Bill of Sale 
Bill of Sale - Parts 
Boat Dealer Trailer License Plate Application 
Bonded Certificate of Title for a Motorboat 
Bonded Certificate of Title for a Vehicle 
Bonded Title Release 
Certificate of Title Application 
Certificate of Title for a Classic Assembled Motor Vehicle 
County Official's Registration Manual - Revised 12/2014 
County Official's Titling Manual - Revised 12/2014 
Current Nebraska License Plates and Decals 
DMV VTR Business Case Final - October 13, 2013 
Disabled American Veteran License Plate Application 
Disabled Motor Vehicle Credit Application 
Driver License Number Request 
Driving Record - Multiple 
Driving Record Application 
Duplicate Certificate of Title Application 
ELT Edit Error Messages 
ELT Facts Sheet 
ELT Financial Institutions Memo - October 26, 2010 
ELT Nebraska License Dealer Memo - October 26, 2010 
ELT Non-Participating Lender Lien Release - REVISED 1/12/2011 
ELT Non-Participating Lender Request for Paper Title - REVISED 5/6/2013 
ELT Provider Questions & Answers - 07-15-2010 
Electronic Lien and Title Provider Application 
Electronic Title and Lien Lender Application 
Ex-Prisoner of War License Plate Application 
Gold Star Family License Plates 
Handicap License Plate Applications 
Handicap Parking Permit Application 
Handicap Parking Permit Eligibility 
Handicap Parking Permit Informational Flyer 
Handicap Parking Permit Memo - LB 163 - 8/23/2011 
Historical License Plate Application 
Identity Theft/Criminal Impersonation Affidavit 
Ignition Interlock Incident Report 
Ignition Interlock Information and Disclaimer Form 
Inspection Exemption Certificate - DEALERS ONLY 
Instructions for Creation of Organizational License Plates 
Insurance - Self Insurance Application 
License, Permit, and State Identification Card Fees 
List of Self-Insured Entities in Nebraska 
MV Registration Notice - Example of Multiple Page Notice 
MV Registration Notice - Example of Single Page Notice 
MV Registration Renewal Notice - Example of Envelope 
Memorandum - BiMonthly Reporting - January 2012 
Military Honor License Plate Examples 
Motor Vehicle Tax and Fee Chart - Revised January 1, 2012 
National Driver Register Request - Employers Only 
Nebraska Electronic Lender Guide - Version 3.2 
Nebraska Insurance Reporting Guide 
Nebraska Motor Vehicle Registration Statistics 1913 - 2012 
Notice of Owner Retain Salvage 
Odometer Disclosure Statement 
Organizational - Application for Approved Organizational License Plate 
Participating Lenders List - March 16, 2015 
Pearl Harbor Survivor Plate Application 
Power of Attorney - Limited 
Prosecuting Agency Application for Copy of Driving Record 
Purchaser's Affidavit - DEALERS ONLY 
Purple Heart License Plate Application 
Qualified Car Club Representative Application 
Qualified Car Club Representative Information 
Qualified Car Club Representative Inspection Statement 
Reading and Understanding a Driving Record 
Recognized Car Club Application 
Record Retention Schedule 
Release of Digital Image/Signature - AUTHORIZED LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY 
Repossession Affidavit 
Snowmobile and Registration Decal 
Specialty Plate Application 
Specialty Plate Relinquishment Form 
Statement of VIN Correction for Form 2290 
Storage and Non-Use Affidavit 
Surety Bond - Motorboat 
Surety Bond - Vehicle 
Towing of Trailers 
Transporter License Plate Application 
Vehicle Record - Multiple 
Vehicle Record Application 
Verification of Classic Assembled Motor Vehicle 
Verification/Transfer of Antique Motor Vehicle