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That there are 2,339,986 vehicles registered in Nebraska.

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We hope that the following information about how to title and register your motor vehicle will help to make the transition to your new home here in Nebraska as smooth as possible.

Motor Vehicle Titles and Registrations

Depending upon the circumstances, issuance of the proper Nebraska title and registration may require more than one visit to your county office.

Motor Vehicles are titled and registered on the county level in the State of Nebraska.  Individuals have 30 days after arriving in Nebraska to obtain a Nebraska title and registration for their vehicles.  To determine the title issuing site for your county, please refer to our county Motor Vehicle Offices listing on our website at: Motor Vehicle Offices listing

For information about obtaining a Nebraska title from an Out-of-State title, please refer to our website at: Out-of-State Certificates of Title

If the title for any or all of your vehicles is currently being held by a lienholder, or the vehicle is leased, you will need to request that your designated county Motor Vehicle office contact your lienholder or the leasing company and request the title be forwarded to their office for conversion to a Nebraska title.  The Nebraska title will then be returned to the leasing company or, in the case of a lien, it will remain on the Department of Motor Vehicles system in an electronic format until such time as the lien is satisfied.

(Note: Because you must have a copy of your vehicle's Out-of-State title with you for the Vehicle Inspection, you will need to check with your county Motor Vehicle office. When they have received your vehicle's title from your lienholder or leasing company, request that they furnish you with a photocopy to be presented at the time of Vehicle Inspection.)

Because the vehicles are coming to Nebraska from another state, you will need to obtain a Vehicle Inspection for each vehicle that must be submitted along with the Out-of-State title and the Application for Certificate of Title. For more information about Vehicle Inspections, please refer to our website at: Vehicle Inspections.

For information about motor vehicle registration, please refer to our website at: Motor Vehicle Registration.

To determine specific fees and taxes you may contact your County Treasurer's office or, if the vehicle is less than 14 years old based upon the model year, you can obtain an estimate by entering the required information in the Motor Vehicle Tax Estimator.

If the vehicle is leased, you will need to present a copy of the signed lease agreement at the time of registration.

If you have any additional questions or need further assistance with motor vehicles, please contact the Driver and Vehicle Records Division Help Desk at 402.471.3918 or you may email us at E-Mail.


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Revised 9/25/2013